How to fix WordPress admin panel issue if you’ve tried everything

Common causes and steps to fix

  • Bad plugin(s)
  • Corrupted .htaccess file
  • Corrupted wp-admin and wp-includes folders
  • PHP version incompatibility
  • Low memory limit in php.ini
  • Deactivating plugins through cPanel to check if one of them is the cause.
  • Deactivating .htaccess files throughout folders to see if any of them caused the issue, as sometimes there’s code that prevents people from logging in based on IP.
  • Uploading fresh wp-admin and wp-includes in case the originals were corrupted.
  • Rolling back the PHP version, just in case it caused the issue.
  • Increasing memory limit in php.ini

wp-config.php file

  • Plugin or theme updates that failed to complete properly
  • User with access to the file accidentally erasing the contents
  • Site might be compromised
  1. Restored a backup of the site with the wp-config.php file intact.
  2. Moved wp-config.php above the root folder to increase security.
  3. Blocked suspicious IP addresses that have been visiting the login page.
  4. Updated all the plugins and themes within WordPress and installed the free version of Wordfence so it could do a site scan.

Finishing it off




Vancouver-Calgary gal. Tech worker. Beginner Boxer.

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Kyla 🌾

Kyla 🌾

Vancouver-Calgary gal. Tech worker. Beginner Boxer.

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